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June 3, 2008 / Wave Tribe

WaveTribe Baja TripN

WaveTribe came to together and took a surf trip to reconnect with the essence of what we support. On our travels we didn’t know what to expect…will there be surf? Will there be trouble? As I run through the days in my mind, there was no trouble, because there was surf.

Each day was mellow and pleasant. As for the nights…that is another story. When planning a vacation you want to be sure that there is relaxation involved. A lot of people make plans to the tee and hope that everything is as exciting and special as you imagine. When you get there it is either anti climactic or just OK. My personal experience was one for the books.

Our home was called Cuatros Casas. Four houses on the bluff with nothing but rocks and surf below. Behind us was something you would see in a Clint Eastwood western; dirt roads and cactus for miles. I decided to take on the roll of “chef” as I was waiting each day for the surfers to return from their hours in the water.

The WaveTribe crew makes surfing looks so easy! I loved witnessing the wavetriblings each day dip into the blue and slide around on the beautiful olas. I found fulfillment each session by recording the waves that were surfed on the camera so that we would have plenty of memories to bring home. I brought a book to read and a book to sketch in, and never being without a beer helped immensely.

There always seemed to be entertainment as lots of characters cruised in and out of the Hostel of Cuatros Casas, one person I will never forget was the hotel owner and ex-pat Richard. I don’t know his last name, but if you could imagine Bruce Willis working a western bed and breakfast, kickin around mangy puppies, and cooking spaghetti you’ve got the right picture. Overall my visit to Baja was the ultimate, and I cannot wait to get back…

Until our next trip.

Wavetribe PR Queen


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