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July 10, 2008 / Wave Tribe

Big Wednesday Big Fun

Being part of WAVETRIBE, and also part of a surf band called DR SURF, is quite a treat for a gal like myself.  Always around the stoked and the yet to be stoked makes my days exciting, and I look forward to all of the interesting characters and adventures that lie within.

The most recent adventure for DR SURF and WAVETRIBE, took place at the beautiful La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, California. The very talented and kind Denny Aaberg was gracious enough to invite DR SURF to play a set before the 30th Anniversary screening of the classic surf film BIG WEDNESDAY.  DR SURF packed the gear into the little BIO DIESEL wagon, surfed the surf, watched the surf, and ate burritos all the way down. The WAVETRIBE crew was able to say hello to the local surf shops in the area, and spread the word on our mind blowing sustainable surf products (check’em out here) and make some personal connections as opposed to the usual electronic  ones.

To our Surprise, DR SURF was asked to play on the main stage nestled between two mondo long boards which made our surfer studs very happy—DR SURF was expecting to be in the lobby, but the event coordinator made the executive decision on the plans and decided the feng shui would be WAY off. Being on a burning stage was no problem for DR SURF, there is enough ham in the crew to rock the BIG WEDNESDAY world without a doubt. The main thing about playing shows whether you are on the stage or in the gutter; is to enjoy the music and the people you play with and the people you play for, this is what made this trip so much fun–that, and some good cold beer. Thanks waveTribe!

Always electric,


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