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October 9, 2008 / Wave Tribe

UK Surfers Are Unique

Across the planet many surfers wholeheartedly battle the elements to partake in a passionate dance that follows the rhythms of the moon and tide—surfing in the UK in winter is testament to a dedicated species of surfer. I am stoked to report that on my recent trip to Europe I was privileged to meet some unique expressions of this species, expanding Wave Tribe’s circle along the coast of the United Kingdom’s south western shores.

I arrived to solid ground swell as the sun poked through the fiery sky after dumping 24 hours of rainfall, I was met by a surf ambassador that hails from a place a bit further south, quite a bit. Having gone walk-about to most corners of the surf planet, Mikey decided that this small town in the UK would be his home for a while.

We shared a beer, walked the English countryside while talking about surf, surfboards and surf travel—my three favorite topics. Mikey described his early morning sessions as I listened with a hint of jealousy, having to reframe from any oceanic journeys for a few weeks because of a recent surgery to remove bone from my skull.

I’ve been looking for the right UK partner for months now, searching the English seascape for other like-minded surfologist to help birth Wave Tribe into this very forward thinking market. Addressing some climatic issues and insuring that Wave Tribe’s bags could stand up to the northern European moisture left us brainstorming design alterations and product improvements for the next iteration of Wave Tribe’s production.

We have yet to work out the details, but if my intuition rings true, surfers along the green, wet shores of the UK should have the opportunity to purchase Wave Tribe’s ecological products in the very near future.

Thanks to Mikey, Rita and the crew for their true hospitality. I’m not saying where I saw all those great waves, but you can guarantee I’ll be heading back there once my ear heals to share some overhead icy thumpers.

Derek D, On the Train somewhere in the UK


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