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August 27, 2009 / Wave Tribe

Wave Tribe at ASR 2009

Half the size of 2008, ASR was a bit of a ghost town this year. Nonetheless, Wave Tribe was on hand to meet some great new friends and to check the haps in the industry. They moved the GREEN ROOM downstairs this year which was a step in the right direction but because of the downturn in the economy there were only a handful of booths. It was great to see this booth promoting recycled metal and plastic:


The shapes at 9Fish were looking really good, we were stoked to hang out with a company that didn’t have a wall build around them, at almost every other booth you had to give a blood and sperm sample to get in. These guys are coming out with some sweet new shapes, there was one fish that I would have liked to take home—and I know about fish, having shaped over a hundred myself—we spoke about how as new surf companies we could help each other and we were honored by their willingness to support our vision. Check them out here.


The Livity crew had two booths at the show, one in the GREEN section and one built out on the main floor. My hat goes off to those guys for charging so hard, here is Manabo taking a much needed break on the third day. Livity is really pushing the envelop in eco fabric design—I had a chance to speak with the owner and we brainstormed ways to promote both companies by creating some eco-synergy—Wave tribe is excited about those possibilities—-check them out here.


We were wondering how much companies pay to have this sign with their names on it, we were stoked to see that someone felt we should have been on the list and had added our company. That’s Nate, Wave Tribe’s sales super star pointing to the excellent addition to the list.




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  2. Wave tribe / Sep 24 2009 12:53 am

    Recycling of materials is a good way of promoting eco-friendly measures.

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