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September 26, 2010 / Wave Tribe

A shout out to our friends at AB Surfboard repair!!

We want to support our friend Alan and his repair business. Thanks for keeping it real and spreading the stoke!

Alain Betancourt is the owner/operator of AB Surfboard Repair in Torrance, California established in
1978. He is originally from the French Caribbean, but moved to the South Bay area in 1964. He started
surfing in the South Bay area in 1976, and to this day is a part of the vibrant surf community there. He
is a honest, straightforward, friendly, outgoing and an energetic man, who cares about his customers
and their surfboard repair needs. He truly understands surfers. AB Surfboard Repair is a standalone
independent repair shop. They are not part of a chain, nor do they operate a storefront. All of the repairs
are by appointment only. Alain works with surfers that would rather deal with a “brick and mortar” type
business, who can relate with a guy that knows his stuff, rather than the big retail chain stores where some
employees don’t have much knowledge about surfing in general, let alone surfboard construction and
repairs. Further he is starting to explore and research the opportunities surrounding ecologically sound
board repair practices. He enjoys the simplicity and accessibility to surfers and the surfing community on
a “one on one” basis. He can work on any type surfboard, be it longboards, shortboards, or the occasional
paddle board. He is centrally located in Torrance, with easy access to the major freeways and the South
Bay beach community. He has had customers come in from as far as Ventura County to the north, and
San Diego County to the south. He has a great sense of humor, and can talk shop and surfing for hours.
He is really passionate about what he does for a living, and he cares about the sport of surfing and the
people involved in it on all levels.

By appointment. Call Alain at (424) 222-3438


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  1. Alain Betancourt / May 5 2011 11:41 pm

    My new shop number is: (424) 221-1069 *If you can change it on your site, that would awesome!

    Thanks guys!

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