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January 19, 2011 / Wave Tribe

Eco-rider Mercedes practices Towing-in HI

On Wednesday a nice swell hit Hawaii. I surfed Sunset really early and got cleaned twice by big 12 foot sets. I knew I wanted to save my  energy to be able to surf the whole day. So I got a nice wave and went in as the swell was picking up. Then I headed to Pinballs and got a few fun ones there.

I went back home, had a big plate of pasta with veggies and rested for half hour. At 1 pm I went to Backyards and met with Darrick Doerner to tow during the afternoon. It wasn’t a huge day to tow but I wanted to practice a little so I could be ready for a big day. We went out on his ski and he put me in a few beautiful but bumpy waves. Some were 15 feet, long rights.  I was really tired from all the surfing during the morning but mostly because I am not used  to being behind the rope, so my leg muscles were giving up. After a while my legs felt like jello and I told Double that I was done.

Darrick went towing with his friend Sarlo and I watched them from the ski. I chased them around for a little bit just to get used to driving the ski in big waves and to feel the dynamic of whipping a surfer into a wave and rescuing him. Driving the ski in the waves was lots of fun and was a good learning experience. Darrick and I  got some  Go Pro footage that we will use to make a video next week.

It’s always great to tow with D.D because he just knows how to put you on the top of the wave at the right time in order to get the most speed possible. I also like that he is always there for me to rescue me after I finish a wave. He is such a skillful driver and waterman, it would be hard to find someone better to go to the outer reefs with.

When the day was coming to an end I headed back home with a big smile in my face. It was time to get ready for my next adventure: taking a plane to San Francisco to surf Mavericks on the following day.



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