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May 5, 2011 / Wave Tribe

Swis Air and Thai Air SUCK!

I paid $275 dollars ONE WAY to bring my 6′ surfboard home from Europe last month on Swiss Air, I can’t tell you how ANGRY that made me—but I am sure you understand. A year ago I paid $350.00 to fly ONE board from Thailand to the UK, ever since then I have wanted to make this SURFER FRIENDLY airline list.

Why are surfers PUNISHED for traveling with their tools of love?

I created the MOST comprehensive airline list for Surfers, check it before you travel!

1) Aer Lingus

Price. Free


Notes: Free for flights between Ireland and North America. There’s also no charge for passengers traveling in Business class. Surfboards are subject to a fee of €30 ($40) payable online prior to departure or a fee of €40 ($55) payable at the airport. Boards can’t be larger than 110 in.


2) Air Emirates

Price: Free



Notes: Free Included in your checked baggage. Remove fins and wrap tail and nose in bubble wrap.


3) Air Tahiti Nui

Price: Free



Notes: Free Must be under 50 lbs. One board, one bag. Each additional board is $150 each.


4) British Airways

Price: Free



Notes: Free-$60 As part of your checked baggage. Otherwise it’s $60. Boards must be smaller than 75ins x 29.5ins x 25.5 ins.


5) Interjet (Mexico)

Price: Free



Notes: Free Max weight is 55 lbs per passenger. Any excess baggage will have a fee of $50.00 pesos plus TAX for each additional pound.


6) Qantas

Price: Free



Notes: Free-$105 Free as part of your two bag limit. Must be in a bag and may not exceed 66lbs and 109ins. Can only be carried to/from/within South West Pacific; on other routes, they’re excluded from checked baggage and will be charged based on weight. Oversize fees vary.


7) Singapore Air

Price: Free



Notes: Free As part of your two bag limit. After two boards it’s $109 each way going from US to Singapore (other destinations may vary). Max size of 62 linear inches.


8) South African Airlines

Price: Free



Notes: Free As part of your two bag limit, not exceeding 200 cm or 40 lbs.


9) SriLankan Airlines

Price: Free



Notes: Free,you can bring one surfboard for free. Any excess weight will be assessed at the normal excess baggage rate.


10) Virgin Atlantic

Price: Free



Notes: Free, limit one per customer. Must not exceed 109 inches and must not exceed 50 lbs in weight.


11) JetStar

Price: Free



Notes: Free Surfboard are allowed only if they are below or equal to 1.9meters and under 20kg.


12) Aero Mexico

800-237-6639 60


Notes: One-way per board, maximum length 9ft – packed. Sorry guys, you can’t include this as your free carry-on.


13) Air Canada

888-247-2262 50


Notes: Space available basis. Pre-registered when booking. Each board counts as one piece of checked baggage. Max linear dimensions (length + width + height): 109 in. Max length: 80 in. No paddleboards.


14) Air France



Notes: $55-$200 If it’s less than 200 cm, it’s treated as normal baggage, but costs $55. Beyond the allowance (up to a max of 70 lb per item and 115″), it’s $200. And €200 (273 USD) for longboards.


15) Air New Zealand

800-262-1234 25


Notes: In addition to checked baggage allowance, one sporting item can be carried as a checked in piece of luggage at 50% of extra bag cost for all international flights. This translates to NZ$7.50 when flying out of NZ and US$25 when flying out of USA.


16) Air Pacific



Notes: $50+ Each way per surfboard bag. Variable Excess Baggage Charge + $22 “Bulky Item” charge. Must be less than 50 lbs & 115 in.


17) Alaska Air



Notes: $20-$50 The board can be included as a standard checked bag, but checked baggage fees apply (starting at $20). Max length is 9 feet, max weight is 50 lbs.


18) American Airlines



Notes: $150 One-way. One board per person. Max weight and size: 70 lbs, 126 inches.


19) Bahamas Air



Notes: $50 Must be less than 6 ft. One-way per board. Remove your fins.


20) Cathay Pacific



Notes: $75 Per board. If traveling with a few boards, it’s best to keep ’em in one bag because there’s a triple charge for additional bags. The good news: no size restrictions.


21) China Air



Notes: Varies First board is a 50% charge, second board 100% charge depending on destination. Per board, not bag. Must be under 109″. Going from US to Indo would be $109 if you already have two bags.


22) Continental



Notes: $100-$200 North America, national: $100 each way per surfboard, South America: $200 each way per surfboard. From North America to another continent: $200. Fee is per bag. Due to merging airlines, print proof with you before you fly. Price ranges depending on destination. Two board max per case. Max of 50 lbs. & 109 Inches


23) COPA Air



Notes: $75 One-way per board. Limit 2 boards per passenger. Only $50 to São Paulo and San Jose. Must be under 115 inches and 70 lbs. Remove fins. Can’t be more than 115 inches or 70 lbs.


24) Delta



Notes: $200+ One-way per board. If it’s over 70 lbs, you have to pay extra. The $200 fee is only for the first board; additional fees apply for additional boards. To/from Brazil is $100, and Hawaii inter-island is $20.


25) Hawaiian Air



Notes: $100 One-way. Allowed two boards per bag. Max height 11ft, max weight 50 lbs. Price drops to $35 between islands. Goes up to $200 for travel to most Asian countries.


26) Iberia



Notes: $205 One way. One board per passenger. Max size: 8’2″. MUST make request 24 hours before flight via phone. Keep in mind: “Various charges, taxes or duties may be applied, in accordance with the legislation of each country.”


27) Japan Airlines



Notes: Varies A charge equivalent to 50% of the excess baggage charge for one board. 100% for two boards. Three times the charge if it’s over 80 inches. Price also varies depending on destination.


28) Jet Blue



Notes: $55-$110 If you bring as one of your two checked bags, it’s $55. If you already have two checked bags, it’ll cost you $110. Must be 70lbs and/or 109 total linear inches (L+W+H), which would be about a 7’2″.


29) Lan



Notes: $100-$200 Must be less than 70 lbs and/or 6’7″. Within Europe: $100, Europe to intercontinental: $200. If it’s over 6’7″ (2 m), the fees are doubled. You need to register sports baggage 24 hours before the flight.


30)  Lufthansa

800 645-3880


Notes: $100-$200 Must be less than 70 lbs and/or 6’7″. Within Europe: $100, Europe to intercontinental: $200. If it’s over 6’7″ (2 m), the fees are doubled. You need to register sports baggage 24 hours before the flight.


31) Malaysian



Notes: Varies Can be included as your checked bag if it meets the size requirements. Price varies with destination. Bags are 50% of normal excess baggage charge. Max size of 98″ (about 8 feet).


32) Southwest



Notes: $50 Domestic/International. One-way per bag (2 boards per bag). Fins must be removed.


33) TACA



Notes: $125 One-way. Up to 3 surfboards in one bag per passenger. Up to 70lb and 12 feet in length. Fins must be removed. Prices vary based on takeoff location/destination. From Brazil it’s $50.


34) TAP Portugal



Notes: $50-$140 each way per surfboard bag up to 10 kgs. Domestic, Europe, Morocco & Algeria is USD 50. Intercontinental are $100-$140.


35) Thai Airways



Notes: Varies Max 109″. It is recommended to call and get specifications directly.


36) United



Notes: $100-$200 North America, national: $100 each way per surfboard, South America: $200 each way per surfboard. From North America to another continent: $200. Fee is per board. Price ranges depending on destination. Two board max per case. Max of 50 lbs. & 109 in.


37) USA3000



Notes: $50 Subject to additional charges.


38) USAir



Notes: $200 One-way per board. Remove your fins.


39 Air Tran



Notes: 79 Surfboards will be accepted when packed in a case designed to prevent damage to surfboards, and only upon completion of a Limited Release Tag, for a fee of $79.


40) Korean Air



Notes: $100-$150 depending on the destination


41) Lan Chile

1-866-4 359 526/120


Notes: NA


42) Quantas

1 800 227 4500


Notes: $33-$92 free as part of your two bag limit; otherwise, $33 each way; or $92 for boards over 10′ 43 Spirit Airlines $100 Surf Boards: The charge for these items is $100 each way and may include 2 boards in a single bag.


44) Mexicana



Notes: 75 One-way per bag, Max 100″


45) Northwest



Notes: 80 One-way per bag


46) Varig

800-468 2744


Notes: $42.50/$85 Under 109″, $42.50 per board each way, Over 109″, $85 per board each way


47) Delta Airlines



Notes: $80 One-way per board



48) China Southern



Notes: NA


49) Air China



Notes: NA


50) All Nippon Airways




Notes: NA


51) Thai Airways



Notes: SUCKS!!!!!! 300 one-way


52) Ryanair

+ 44 871 246 0002


Notes: £40/€40 Sporting or musical equipment including but not limited to large fishing rods, golf clubs, bikes* (bikes have a weight limit of 30 kilos), scooters, fencing equipment, surfboards, bodyboards, snowboards and skis and large musical instruments including but not limited to harps, double bass and drums are inherently unsuitable for carriage by airlines operating fast turnarounds such as Ryanair. However, these items may be carried in the hold of the aircraft in addition to your personal checked baggage allowance up to a limit of 20 kilos per item upon payment of a discounted online fee of £40/€40 per item, per one way flight. If the item is purchased at the airport or through a Ryanair call centre a higher fee of £50/€50 per item/per one way flight will apply).  Any sporting and musical item weighing over the 20 kilos allowance will be charged for the excess at the applicable excess baggage rate per kilo.


53) Air Berlin

866 266 5588


Notes: EUR 25/EUR 40 packed in soft case or similar

Charge, one-way Short-haul and medium-haul- EUR 25

Charge, one-way Long-haul- EUR 40 and also need to register


54) Alitalia



Notes:- € 50- € 150 All surfboards categories no taller then 250 cm (max. 30 kg)  AREA1-€ 50, AREA2- € 50, AREA3 – € 80, AREA4- € 100, AREA5-  € 150  {Note: if exceeding the allowance a standard excess baggage rate will be applied

AREA1: Italy

AREA2: Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa

AREA3: Middle East

AREA4: Asia and South America (Buenos Aires, Caracas)

AREA5: North America, Canada, South America (Sao Paulo), Africa (Lagos, Accra)


55) Easyjets

+44 843 104 5454


Notes: An additional non-refundable fee is charged per flight for the carriage of bicycles, golf equipment, skis, surfboards, wind surfers, kite surfers, hang gliders, and firearms. Ski boots can be carried as a part of the sports equipment, either with skis/snowboard or without.


56) TAM Linhas Aereas

44 (0)20 8741 2005


Notes: $75.00 Surfboard with a maximum length of 274 cm/108 in; cannot be included in the passenger’s luggage allowance. In each case, an excess-luggage fee of US$75.00 will be charged, and the correct packing of these items will be the total responsibility of the passenger.


57) Qatar Airways

+1 212 588 1273


Notes: The board needs to be less than 3 meter to be accepted as checked baggage, normal excess baggage rules apply.


58) Turkish Airlines

+ 90 212 444 0 849


Notes: 30 Euros Asked for destination. So I gave him departure as Turkey and arrival point as Rome. It would cost 30 Euros one way. He also said that the price differs on the destination


59) SkyWest Airlines

(435) 634-3000


Notes: $20 Transportation of surf boards, bicycles, golf clubs, skis, snow boards, archery equipment, and fishing equipment is charged at a flat rate of $20 per item. No more than two surfboards may be included in any one pack. Each pack must not weigh more than 32kg.

Please note: Carriage of surfboards is subject to space availability. – Confirmed on calling.


60) AirTran Airways



Notes: $79 Surfboards will be accepted for a fee of $79 when packed in a case designed to prevent damage to surfboards, and only upon completion of a Limited Release Tag.


61) Swiss

1-888 715-5551


Notes: SUCKS!!!!! $250 One Way €70 -€ 150 70 to 150 EUR depends if continental or international


62) Aeroflot

(495) 223-55-55


Notes: NA


63) EVA Air



Notes: .No specific rates. Variable


64) Asiana Airlines



Notes: NA


65) Thomsonfly

0844 871 1603


Notes: £35-£60 Short haul – £35 return

Mid haul – £45 return

Long haul – £60 return


66) Condor



Notes: NA


67) Hainan Airlines



Notes: NA




68) Finnair

+358 600 140


Notes: NA


69) Austrian Airlines

43 (0)5 1766 1000


Notes: Austrian Airlines have not mentioned any info about surf board but information about ski and snow board is available.


70) GOL

598 2403-8007


Notes: NA (Surf board is allowed, please check this link for details, but the price is not mentioned)


71) WestJet



Notes: $89-$99 (Aprox) The rates completely depends on the weight and the dimension of the surfboard


72) Etihad Airways

44 203 450 7300


Notes: 20 Euro(Aprox) Any sporting equipment can be carried including surf board. It can be also carried within the baggage limit 23 Kg. If the luggage exceeds then extra  20 Euro to be paid per Kilo. This price is based on Dubai to London flight, prices may vary for different destinations.


73) Jet Airways



Notes: Overweight rate ~ USD 50 for any piece weighing between 23-32kg. Surfboard of fibre glass not exceeding 62 inches (158cm) will be included in the free baggage allowance and if in excess, it will be subject to the applicable excess baggage charge.


74) First Choice Airways

0871 200 7799


Notes: £35- £60 Short haul – £35 return

Mid haul – £45 return

Long haul – £60 return


75) Garuda Indonesia



Notes: NA All Sporting Equipments, including but not limited to Golfing, Surf board, Bicycle and Skiing equipments maybe included into applicable passengers Free Baggage Allowance/FBA according to their actual fare paid.


76) ExpressJet



Notes: 150 USD/CAD (Aprox) Express jet operates on behalf of continental airlines and United Airlines, so the baggage rules applies by Continental and United. Surfboards are allowed but for certain costs

For size and other infornmation:,6867,50773,00.html#luge


77) Frontier Airlines

800-432-1359 20


Notes: $20 up to 11 feet and 50 pounds  overweight charges $75


78) Thomas Cook (UK)



Notes: £40-£60 Surfboards and body boards are charged at £40 short haul/mid haul and £60 long haul for the return trip.


79) Blue Panorama Airlines


Notes: € 50- € 100 Max 3 pieces,

SHORT RANGE- € 50,00 per piece one way

MEDIUM HAUL- € 100,00 per piece one way

LONG HAUL- € 100,00 per piece one way


80) Monarch Airlines

08719 40 50 40 31


Notes: Surf Board can be carried, sports equipment weighing up to maximum of 20kg can be carried providing the fee has been paid. Can also Pre-book & save £6.50 / €7.50 – book online.



81) Air Europa

902 401 501 150


Notes: Surf  equipment may consist of a surf board, mast, sail or a surf board or kite or parachute, a bar and a board. Surfing equipment is not included in the baggage allowance. For each equipment checked-in a charge of €150 will be applied per one way.


82) Egyptair

800 334 6787


Notes: NA small surfboard less than 2m is allowed and can be kept in cabin.


83) TUIfly

0049 180 5 42 41 40


Notes: NA Tried calling but unable to reach, please check the numbers here:


84) Virgin Blue

+61 7 3295 2296


Notes: NA Surf board is allowed


85) Saudi Arabian Airlines



Notes: Called but they don’t understand English


86) Philippine Airlines



Notes: 1 surf not more than109 inches will cost $150


87) Air India

1800 223 7776


Notes :NA They cannot allow any baggage above 45 inches


88) American Eagle



Notes: 150 *Lightweight surfboards packaged in a single bag that weighs less than 50lbs will be accepted as a single surfboard for charging purposes.

* Acceptance conditional on aircraft size and load conditions

$150 charge, regardless of the number of checked bags

One surfboard, Kiteboard, Wakeboard, or Wave Ski


89) Atlantic Southeast

404-856-1000 200


Notes: Accepted as checked baggage


90) AirAsia

600 85 9999


Notes: $14/kg ()Aprox Surfboards have to be checked in will be charged a sports equipment fee

* Must be packed in a recognized surfboard bag weighing not more than 20kg (on its own). Anything in excess of 20kg will attract Excess Baggage Fee at the prevailing rate of the airport

* Must not exceed 277 cm or 109 inches in height


91) Avianca

1800 284 2622


Notes: They can allow only three boards and it will cost $100 (Cost may vary depending on the destinations)

The maximum height they can allow is 12 feet and should be under 70 pounds


92) Air Transat



Notes: Can bring surfboards or wake boards, in accordance with the following conditions:•  CA$12 or equivalent per kilogram for all Southern Destinations or CA $15 for U.K. and European destinations per kilogram(each way).

•  Any regular size. Not longer than 3.65 m (12 feet)

•  Max. 32 kg (70 lb) per item

Passengers should arrive early at the airport since space in the cargo hold is limited.


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