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June 13, 2011 / Wave Tribe

Mac Mounting, Costa Rica & Long Time Love

After three years of doing these emails I am still looking for the best way to communicate to the Tribe. In a world of bombarded communication via Facebook, Twitter, texts, Foursquare, and the occasional ‘young hot chicks’ email from my dad, I am kind of sick of all the digital paraphernalia in my life. Sometimes I think about becoming a farmer, just putting my hands in the earth each morning, tilling the back 40, getting on a tracker as opposed to mounting my mac each day—yea I know, that sounds kind of kinky. But here I am again, on a Sunday morning writing to you, thinking of something to say that might get you to read this email and then take an action like buy a Wave Tribe leash.

Poke me?

Maybe it’s not even about the leash, sometimes I feel that I just want to be connected to other people. When someone makes an order at Wave Tribe it’s like a little tiny relationship is born, something begins that wasn’t there before, a small explosion of possibilities comes into being and that just feels good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get the money too, but it’s not really about the money, it’s more about what happens around the relationship.

I have been writing hand-written notes to all our customers lately, it is a strange feeling to put pen to paper—-almost like a primitive evolutionary trait that was once part of my DNA and is barely used anymore. Did you know that monkeys share more than 98 percent of their DNA with man? In three years of sending out hand-written cards I never got one response, sometimes I wonder if anyone reads them or if they just get thrown away—not that I am complaining or expect something in return, but I do wonder about these things.

Wave Tribe Surfing Monkey
I like to SUP!

We are putting together a surf trip + shapers workshop next year in Costa Rica. I have been shaping for about ten years now (just for friends) and I’d like to share that skill with some of the Tribe while surfing epic waves down south. We are going to bring in a shaper from the UK also, a guy that is shaping these beautiful wooden boards—his shapes are more like art than surfboards, but in my opinion all surfboards are art.

Paul did a nice article on his visit to Chile (the country, not the pepper) and I got motivated one day when the south swell was coming our way and I wrote about fetch and swell direction, thanks to Surfline for the inspiration. Oh yea, I also did some research on airline board-bag charges after Swiss Air took $275 dollars from me for transport of one board—SWISS AIR YOU SUCK—there, that feels better. It’s a good list, when comparing airfare this summer you might want to take a look at it before purchasing your ticket—and don’t forget your Wave Tribe Board-bag (come on, I had to promote something in this letter). One more thing, check out these handmade board-bags from the Progress Project—one of our new partners, you’ll love them!

We love you—but if you buy our gear—-we love you long time!

Paz y Cervesa!

Derek D. & Wave Tribe Crew

P.S. You can eat our WAX.


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