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June 22, 2011 / Wave Tribe

Cabo, Baja South Swell Heaven

Just got back, loved it!

It’s a 2 hour flight to warm waves and cold Coronas. Is there a south swell coming? Book your ticket for about $350 and get a car. Get the insurance. If you don’t the roads will rip apart your wallet.

San Lucas is Vegas by the Sea. Hated it!

San Jose is were the surf is, go there. The surf is right in town. Be nice to the locals, hit up Old Man’s for a meow session or paddle down to The Rock or Zippers for more challenging waves. I had an epic session at The Rock, one of the best I have had in a while. Super fun! Watch out for the rocks. Sit right behind the one in the take-off zone for the best positioning.

Get to Shipwreck for some fun uncrowded waves, about 40 minutes out of town to the East. They call it the Eastern Cape. The road is dirt most of the way, so go slow. You’ll see the wave once you get there, a nice right-hander off a beautiful point. There is a left in the middle of the beach too. When you see the Virgin Marry library you know you have found it. Really, I am serious. Oh, and the ship is gone, so don’t look for that. Nine Palms is another break just a few more minutes down the road.

A good bar in San Jose is the Viene y Va owner by Pablo, right next to Costa Azul Surfshop. I bought a rash vest that I used every day there and a pair of booties that I never put on. I’ll save them for Bali. Thanks to Sara for making my shopping experience great!

[box type=”note” style=”rounded”]We saw one of the best Latin bands ever at the Viene and Va, they are an Argentine band called Pura Vida, they rocked so damn hard.[/box]

Shooters downtown has a really good vege burger and cold Coronas for 10 pesos. The best place to eat in town is the Guacamaya. This is of my all-time favorite Mexican eateries EVER. You’ll love it!

For the best coffee in town check out the La Dolce Villa, they got organic beans from Oaxaca and a real Italian coffee machine. They got Italian Ice Cream too that is off the hook. If you are looking for a surf instructor while in Cabo ask for Victor at La Dolce Villa and he’ll find you one.

Have a great trip, email me for more info if you want.

Derek D., Wave Tribe Founder


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