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January 5, 2012 / Wave Tribe

Wave Tribe Gear Arrives in Bali

Yea, Happy New Year first of all!

Big thanks to Rodney Westerlaken for opening the new eco inspired surf shop in Bali and for including Wave Tribe gear. However, the eco surf shop is just a small part of a much bigger vision that Rodney has for for Soul Surf Project Bali, a program that gives kids living in Balinese orphanages environmental lessons and surf lessons—dude, what a gift that is for any kid.

Wave Tribe Gear Displayed At Soul Surf Project Bali

Soul Surf Project Bali goes one step beyond just teaching the kids how to surf, where they can they also provide a personal development program for children, which can result in a job at one of their surf schools or at a company within their network.

SSPB is having an event on January 2012, so if you are in the Bali hood please take the time to check them out and support this awesome program and be part of the celebration—trust me, there is nothing like a Balinese celebration.

For more information on this wonderful project, check out


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