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January 21, 2012 / Wave Tribe

The Raddest Customer Email EVER

Thanks John, this made our day at Wave Tribe!

“I just wanted to reach out to you and find out the best way i can help promote or rave about your company. i left a dope review on amazon but if theres a more beneficial means i would gladly spend the time. I ordered the travel bag blindly because it looked like a legit product for an approaching trip and the price was by far the nicest. seamed win/win.

The service was amazing with a conformation email and an email with tracking info, AMAZING.

Even so far as to send me an email letting me know it was delivered!!!!! unreal this day in age.

Then i open the package to find the SICKEST travel bag ever with exrta goodies and stickers.

i am absolutely blown away with your company. Amazing product and pleasant service.

JKeep it up!!!!

I look forward for the arrival of the rack that is on the way and to the many future prchases i plan to make (i literally want almost everything u guys make, haha).

Anyway, i’ve showed and bragged about the bag and your company to evryone i ride with, and wish you the very best. thanks again.”


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