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September 12, 2012 / Wave Tribe

Wave Tribe Improves Travel Board Bag

After a few years of research and development we decided to build in some new features into our generation five Global Board Bags with a new interior pocket that makes room for your wax, leash and fins while allowing for maximum organization as each pocket has it’s own closure system.

Board Bag Nose Protection

Newly Designed Triple Fin Poscket

But the real big news is the change we have made to the rear and nose sections of the bag. After numerous international surf trips of research and development we’ve engineered a new insert section of the bag with an extra half inch of removable protective foam to make sure that your nose and tail remain ding free.

Board Bag Rear Fpam Protection

View Of Board Bag Rear Insert

Board Bag Nose Protection

Board Bag Nose Protection

So check it, now you’ve got 13mm of foam in the bag + an additional 13mm inside where it matters most.

We made a video for you to review the upgrades—you’ll be stoked for sure.



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  1. Dale / Sep 20 2012 1:22 pm

    great upgrades Dereck, Just got back from the Maldives using one of your board bags and it worked great. Only improvements I was going to suggest were the zip on the fin pocket ( done already ) and a different way of attaching the shoulder strap ( airline baggage handlers love to snap the plastic clips. ) maybe a hook and loop (velcro) tab system like on a leggie.
    Keep up the great work mate.

    • Wave Tribe / Sep 20 2012 1:45 pm


      I appreciate the feedback and stoked that you made it to the Maldives—I’ve always wanted to do that trip but keep getting sucking into Bali and G-land return visits. I like the idea of the ‘hook and loop’ system and I’ll do a sample and test it out.

      Really stoked on the recommendation and I thank you for the comment.


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